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Getting Help - it's easier than you think

This help file is integrated with the PerformaTech TRIM-SOP™ to provide context sensitive help when and where you need it.
Most features & dialogues that you encounter whilst using the software are described in this help file, please let us know if you notice an omission or would like to see something covered in more detail.
PerformaTech also offer remote assistance via TeamViewer to assist with issue resolution, a pre-configured TeamViewer app can be downloaded from here:

Minor Inconsistencies between This Help File & TRIM-SOP

While using help you might notice some inconsistencies between the information in this help document and the TRIM-SOP™.  The main reasons for this are:


Like your procedures, and indeed the PerformaTech TRIM-SOP™, this help file is under continual review and ever improving.  If you have suggestions on how to further improve this help file please don't hesitate to let us know. 
Send an email to:
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