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Welcome to TRIM-SOP™ Procedure Development Software

TRIM-SOP™ tools provide automation not normally found in most MS Word or Excel procedure templates.
Many procedures are based on a specific template.  Some templates have features to help format the procedure and control the layout.  However many of the tasks that are essential to procedure writing require manual effort by the SOP developer.  Unfortunately the effort and attention to detail required to do these tasks is very high and the resulting SOPs are typically far from error free.
Typical issues found in SOPs:
·     poor use of visuals
·     difficulty in revising SOPs during development
·     information in supporting tables not following process order of instructions
·     supporting information tables placement inconsistent between SOPs
·     incorrect links between instructions and supporting information tables
·     inconsistent symbol placement and usage (failure to conform with style guide)
These issues (to name a few) are not really surprising because until TRIM-SOP™ was developed none of the available solutions provided the level of automation required to automate these tasks; by necessity they were done manually. 
Why is This Important?
Automation virtually eliminates the effort and attention to detail required to produce SOPs that do not suffer the errors mentioned above.  The SOP developer is spared the frustration of completing these tasks and is freed up to focus on more rewarding aspects of SOP development.
The End User benefits from a SOP that is not only consistent in the way information is presented, but is also easy to navigate and has a better standard of instruction because this is where the SOP developer was able to spend their efforts.
TRIM-SOP™ helps you to create clear, concise and visual procedures. It is a productivity tool to eliminate tedious tasks associated with procedure development so you can concentrate on creating procedures that add value.
Core features are designed to deliver:
·     Standard templates that can be customised to client requirements
·     Dedicated user interface – everything in one place
·     Automatic formatting and numbering
·     Automatic placement and ordering of information and images
·     Symbols library
·     Automatic update of cross-references
·     Integrated Help and Guides
Once created, the software also makes the maintenance of documents quicker and easier.
TRIM-SOP™ has been developed by PerformaTech. In creating the software, we have drawn on years of experience writing and reviewing SOPs across a range of industries around the world, plus scientific research into how the brain processes information.
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